Welcoming Our Customer Excellence Manager

At the beginning of this year we welcomed Ciara Burns to our team as Customer Excellence Manager. With over 16 years of Global Customer Services and Management experience, Ciara has a strong customer centric mindset.  Combining Customer Services, Project Management and an extensive understanding of wider business impacts, Ciara works with teams to enhance and develop customer performance measures which are focussed on continuous improvement and delivering best in class service.

Ciara added, “Having worked directly with customers from all areas of the globe, I have strong communication skills which is critical in any industry.  My strengths reside in working with customer focussed, passionate teams, training, developing, mentoring and supporting them with the ultimate deliverable of driving overall customer and business improvements.

Customer Relationship Management is at the forefront of everything I do.  Working with Customers to gain an understanding of their requirements, combined with internal strategic direction, I simplify, develop and implement sustainable customer centric business processes.

Building long lasting customer relationships is the key to any successful business relationship.  Working with our customers in terms of training, support, transferring of knowledge and overall service ultimately supports all parties to be successful.”