Top Bathroom Trends for 2024

Keep your space fresh for the upcoming year with the latest bathroom design trends of 2024. Expect to see a blend of design and practicality along with earth tones, natural components, and trendy Technology.


 In 2024, organic textures such as wood, stone, and even real plants will flow in, creating a rich and grounded sanctuary. These materials enhance visual interest while also providing tactile richness. Many bathroom renovations feature these materials to highlight their calming impact.

Fluted furniture is to be a popular bathroom design in 2024. Fluted items can bring a much-needed texture to your space. The Serra Fluted Wall unit  and our Ryver Fluted brassware are the perfect pair for adding texture to your bathroom.

bathrooms will lead the way in technology

 It should come as no surprise that bathroom technology is rising along with the popularity of appliances and smart technology.

Take a look at our new Keely LED Mirror cabinet which combines a wireless charging station, charging socket, and an Ambient Downlight.

 Meet Emer, not just any regular mirror cabinet, but one that comes with the cutting-edge technology of Bluetooth Audio and LED features. This innovative product transforms your everyday routine, blending functionality with technology seamlessly.

Freestanding baths

Simple and timeless, freestanding bathtubs are going to be a big trend in 2024.

The Barrow Freestanding bath stands out with its unique silhouette. Its sleek and contemporary style injects a breath of fresh air into your bathroom, creating a modern and visually appealing space.

The Erne Freestanding Bath is more than just a simple bathtub, it’s a statement piece in any bathroom. Despite its luxurious appearance, it’s designed with practicality in mind, making it a perfect blend of style and function.

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