Lean Six Sigma Success For Team MyLife

As a young business, we’re continuously evolving, enhancing our processes, and developing our employees. We’d like to say a special well-done to 3 members of #TeamMyLife – Zoe Gervin, Rosemary Tremere and Stephanie Crowe Taft – that recently completed Lean Six Sigma.

If you’re not familiar with Lean Six Sigma, it’s a training course focused on problem-solving, eliminating inefficiency, and improving working conditions to provide a better response to customers’ needs.

Our team are now confident in:

  • Tracking a problem from source to solution,
  • Identifying process performance improvements,
  • Analysing data to determine efficiency,
  • Detecting the most effective solutions to ensure the best outcome for our customers

With this training, our team can significantly enhance the processes we already have in place, ensuring our business is as efficient as possible.

We’re looking forward to seeing Lean Six Sigma have a positive impact on our business and more importantly, enhancing our customer experience and boosting customer satisfaction going forward.

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