Industrial Fusion: Moodboard Monday – Gun Metal and Cement Bathroom Inspiration

Concrete jungle: Merging Gun Metal and Cement for A Cutting-Edge Bathroom Style

Unleashing Industrial Elegance

It’s Monday which means only one thing – another Bathroom Moodboard to inspire you all for your Bathroom Renovation!


We’ve taken inspo once again from our July 2023 Brochure cover! This edition features a raw industrial blend of natural materials and textures to create a unique bathroom design. 

July 2023 Brochure cover
Here's how to get the look

Start by incorporating gun metal fixtures and accents to set the foundation of your bathroom design.

The finer details

Opt for gun metal taps – for this moodboard we’ve went for the Dayla Tall Basin Mono.

If this isnt your style we have a whole range of gun metal brassware to choose from! 

Then for the shower we have the matching Dayla Concealed Shower Kit 2 in Gun Metal, which comes in a range of kits or in an exposed version!

Dayla Tall Basin Mono Gun Metal
Dayla Concealed Shower Kit 2

To complete the gun metal theme in the showering area we’ve chosen from our Emmi Wetroom range to create a double entry statement showering area complete with gun metal bracing bars, and not forgetting the matching gun metal shower waste cover!

Emmi Wetroom Gun metal profile
Vine Heated Towel Rail Gun Metal


Continuing the gun metal theme in this bathroom moodboard with our New gun metal Vine Heated towel rail.

And finally to complete the look we’ve went for our Finn 50 LED Mirror Gun Metal.

This beautiful mirror comes jam packed with all our LED Mirror features, now in this fab finish!

Finn 50 LED Mirror Gun Metal
Cement your interior

Embrace the raw beauty of cement by incorporating it into various aspects of your bathroom design. The rough and textured surface of cement creates a striking contrast against the smoothness of gun metal fixtures, adding an industrial touch to the space.

A Natural touch
Hampton Oak Vanity with Light Cement Worktop

Softening the industrial vibe with natural touches can create a harmonious balance. Introduce elements such as potted plants, natural wood accents, or even stone-textured tiles to infuse warmth and a sense of tranquility into the space. Our Oak Hampton Vanity unit with light cement worktop is the perfect choice!

These natural elements create a pleasing contrast against the cool tones of gun metal and cement.

Embracing Gun Metal and Cement for a Contemporary Bathroom Design

The fusion of gun metal and cement in bathroom design creates a visually captivating and edgy space. By blending the sleekness of gun metal fixtures with the raw texture of cement surfaces, you can achieve an industrial fusion that exudes modern sophistication. Follow the inspiration from our curated moodboard, incorporating minimalist design elements, harmonious color palettes, and organic touches to create a truly unique and stylish gun metal and cement bathroom that reflects your personal style.

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